Ammi-Joan Paquette writes a bit of everything, grew up a bit of everywhere, and believes that every day is a brand new adventure. She has published 18 books for young readers—including the picture books All From a Walnut, Ghost in the House and The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies, the magical middle-grade adventure The Train of Lost Things, and the award-winning non-fiction series Two Truths and a Lie, co-written with Laurie Ann Thompson—and many more on the way. Her books have been recognized with starred reviews, Junior Library Guild selections, and a wide range of Best of the Year and State Reading Lists. In her non-writing life, she is a senior literary agent with Erin Murphy Literary Agency. She lives in the Boston area with her family and zero pets (unless you count the towering book piles!). (Always count the towering book piles!)

Fun Fact: My friends call me Joan.
Feel free to do the same!

My long-term goal is to paraglide on all 7 continents. So far I have completed: Europe (France), Asia (Nepal), South America (Peru), and Africa (South Africa). Which continent will be next?

Some things you might not know about me:

  • My favorite food is melted cheese. (And butter is a close second.)
  • I once broke 4 fingers all at once (two on each hand!) trying to catch a falling bench.
  • I have trekked in the Himalayas but did not (YET!) make it all the way to Everest Base Camp. Check back here once Covid is over to see if I have reached this goal!
  • I can speak 4 languages fairly well: English, French, Italian, and Japanese. 
  • I get very excited about lists! And spreadsheets! And goals! 
  • This year, I did my first Polar Plunge: jumping into the ocean on January 1st on a 35 degree day! It won’t be my last . . . 
  • Things I love: dancing; playing guitar and singing a song that really gets under my skin; baking cakes; crossing the last item off my to-do list; eating delicious food; reading all types of books at all times of day. 
  • Travel is one of my very favorite things. To date I have visited 33 countries!

Here are some of my cooking & baking projects . . .