Rules for Ghosting

Cover Art by Gilbert Ford

Walker/ Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers

The ghostly adventures of twelve-year-old Dahlia, along with her new living friends Oliver and Poppy, as they dodge a creepy Ghosterminator, a town official with devious plans, and set about solving the mystery of Dahlia’s death—before it’s too late.

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  • 2015-2016 South Carolina Children’s Book Award Nominee
  • 2014 Western Connecticut State University Housatonic Book Award Finalist 
  • 2014 Bank Street Best Books of the Year 

“Paquette creates vividly detailed depictions of a ghostly existence. She delves into the practicalities of being a ghost, offers a hilarious interpretation of a ghost-run bureaucracy, and describes fanciful ghost-tracking and -trapping gadgetry. As Dahlia and Oliver search for answers, surprising plot developments will keep readers re-evaluating the clues until the story’s thrilling conclusion. Paquette’s high-spirited tale featuring a benign, good-natured ghost offers readers an imaginative, intriguing mystery.” –Kirkus

“Dahlia and Oliver are likable and capable protagonists. Dahlia’s desire for closure and knowledge of her past and Oliver’s craving for a real home drive their actions, but both are quick to come to each other’s aid along with Oliver’s younger sister, Poppy. The story is nicely paced with short chapters … this is an entertaining read for children who enjoy gentle ghost stories.” –School Library Journal

“RULES FOR GHOSTING is the perfect middle-grade blend of fun thrills, eerie whimsy, and smart mystery. Paquette’s storytelling has that special spark, the kind that is fueled by a wonderfully imaginative and addicting story…. With a pitch-perfect voice, amusing humor, and clever plotting, RULES FOR GHOSTING is truly captivating from beginning to end.” –Word Spelunking