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She wakes up in a rocket on an alien planet with no idea who she is, or where, or why. The letter in her pocket gives her one simple message: “Experience. Discover. Survive.” The timer on her wrist is counting down to zero. And the earth-shaking rumble in the distance sends the clear message: Something is coming. If you like your science fiction fast-paced and your main character conflicted, get ready for a plot-twisting, mind-bending read like no other!

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2014 Bank Street Best Books of the Year

“The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance in this unorthodox science-fiction thriller.” –Kirkus

“Paradox flies along like a summer action flick, offering tons of adventure and excitement. There’s running! There’s mountain climbing! There’s a scary jaunt through a dead forest! And did I mention – killer worms? Yeah, it’s got those, too. So, my verdict for Paradox by AJ Paquette is just one word – FUN.” –Manga Maniac Café

“As a librarian in a very culturally diverse school district, one of the things I appreciate most about PARADOX is something I haven’t seen mentioned in other reviews: the book’s multicultural cast of characters. Ana Ortez is the main character, and she is eventually joined by three other teens, Todd Oslow, Ysa Klein, and Chen Wai. Race or culture doesn’t factor into the plot or dialogue at all.” –Biblio Links

“Once you start PARADOX, you won’t want to put it down.” –Peace Love Books

“SF fans looking for a brief but intense read will find themselves devouring this inventive stand-alone survival story.” Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books